Can-Am Presents: The Ultimate Mudder

The Ultimate Mudder is a six-video, six-story feature that tells the story of mud racer John Ferranti as he travels from his home in La Porte, Texas to the biggest racing event on earth, Mud Nationals.

It’s an in-depth look at how John trains, tunes his Can-Am ATVs and ultimately competes at “The Big Show” in Jacksonville, Texas. Thousands of ATV owners come to watch racers put their machines on the line in a quest for bragging rights, trophies, and money. John was on a quest to defend his title and Can-Am was right there to follow him.

We hope you enjoy this incredible ride!

The journey begins for Can-Am Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti, a self-made guy that loves his family and races some really fast Can-Am ATVs through the mud.

Story Link: The Ultimate Mudder: Meet John Ferranti the Family Man.


In our second video, Can-Am Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti shows off his trail riding and racing rigs — dubbed “The Green Thing” and “Frankenroid”, respectively. Racing at Mud Nationals isn’t to be taken lightly. From changing fluids to meticulously tuning fuel injection, John shows us the work necessary to compete at Mud Nationals.

Story Link: Preparing for Mud Nationals

What does it take to get ready for Mud Nationals? It takes a lot of hard work, practice, and tuning. John Ferranti prepares for the biggest mud racing event of the year like an athlete prepares for a game. Mental toughness and the physical strength to muscle a 600 lb. ATV through the mud is nothing to take lightly.

Story Link: Riding Down South in the Deep South


John Ferranti arrives at Mud Nationals with a lot on his mind. Last year he came into the Pro-B race with nothing to lose, but this year he is defending champion. Despite the pressure, John finds time to kick back, enjoy the atmosphere, and catch up with friends. Those same friends will become rivals once they pull up to the starting line.

Story Link: The Biggest ATV Event on the Planet.


Mud Nationals is the Superbowl of mud racing.  John is the defending Pro-B champion and retaining that title will not be easy. So how does the defending champ fare? Watch and read to find out!

Story Link: Title Defense in Mudda Cross Madness.


Ultimate Mudder John Ferranti had never raced in the EPI Endurance Challenge before. He decided to partner with former rival and Gorilla Axle Racing team member, Dakotah Klein this year. See how the duo finish in what many consider the toughest race at Mud Nationals!

Story Link: The Ultimate Mudder in the Ultimate, Unexpected Race


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