Catching up with Can-Am’s Ultimate Mudder

Last year, Can-Am® searched for the Ultimate Mudder. Amid stiff competition, we designated Texas rider John Ferranti with the title. By his standards and his own admission, John’s performance underwhelmed last season. We asked John about his preparation for the upcoming mudding season and what we can expect out of his rides at Mud Nationals.

Can-Am: So, John, it’s been a year since we last spoke with you. Since then, you received a sponsorship after Mud Nationals. Can you tell us a little about that?

John Ferranti: Yeah, a pretty amazing thing happened. I was asked by Jason Shanas, the President of Gorilla Axle, if I wanted to race on his team. I had no idea it was gonna happen like that, but I’m very grateful for the chance to race with such a great group of people – not to mention being sponsored by the ultimate ride itself, Can-Am.

Can-Am: What did becoming the Ultimate Mudder do for your mud racing career?

John Ferranti: Well, let’s just say I didn’t gain any popularity in Canada. But here locally, where the racing matters, I went from a guy that most folks in the racing community either knew or had seen around, to the guy everyone listens for and wants to watch race. And quite frankly, I didn’t perform nearly as well last year as I had expected, so I was surprised to see people show any interest in my season.

Can-Am: How is your preparation for Mud Nationals going?

John Ferranti: Haha. I’m right on schedule. I have nothing complete. And as of the current time, I have approximately 12 days before I leave for Mud Nationals. So, yeah – nothing done, no time left. I’m right on schedule.

Can-Am: Are we going to see you riding Frankenroid or Green Thing again?

John Ferranti: Green Thing was retired shortly after the series was filmed and ended up getting stolen. It was heartbreaking to see all my time and work disappear, but I guess that provides more time and work for the new units.

Frankenroid was my horse last year and underwent a personality rearrangement by having the plastics changed to black and yellow. I feel pretty strongly that just changing the plastics made that machine infinitely more ornery. When I didn’t crash it or just flat-out destroy something on it, it ran very good, up there with all the top bikes last year. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna bring Frankenroid this year, since the motor is just about done and is having some electrical gremlins. But it still runs, and strong at that. Guess that will be a surprise.

Can-Am: Can you tell us a little bit about your race bike without giving away any secrets?

John Ferranti: Sure. This year I will be using a hybrid fuel consisting of ground-up unicorn horns with awesomesauce as an activator. Should make for a pretty wild ride.

Can-Am: What’s the goal for the 2013 CMR series?

John Ferranti: Represent the team, Gorilla Axle Powered by Can Am, by standing on the podium every race.

Can-Am: Any chance we might see you racing a Can-Am® Maverick™?

John Ferranti: Me? Slim to none. But our teammate, Steve Hittle, has been working really hard to get the Can-Am® Commander™ on the podium. So with his experience and expertise, he will remain the pilot of our highly competitive SxS, the Maverick. You might see me on the trail with one sometime this summer, though, when the Can-Am® Maverick™ MAX™ drops.

Can-Am: What classes do you plan on racing this season?

John Ferranti: I’ve historically raced only the Pro-B and Open classes, but thanks to Gorilla and Can-Am, this year I will be looking to add yet another Can-Am to the podium in the Pro-A class.

Can-Am: Can we plan on seeing you partnering with Dakotah Klein in the “Buddy Run” again?

John Ferranti: Be there early and get a good seat, because if you thought we put on a great show last year, a broken belt at the finish line and pushing the machine across the tape was nothing compared to the unorganized chaos we plan to unleash this year.

Can-Am: You have any advice for fans headed to Mud Nationals for the first time?

John Ferranti: Yeah, go with the flow. Don’t try to be the flow. There is a lot of great stuff to see, and some of the most innovative manufacturers in the ATV world will be there showing their products. Not to mention it will feature some of the best racing of the season, while everyone’s machines are fresh, and folks are looking to get a quick jump in the points.

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